Infrarotsauna mit Blick auf das Verzascatal

entgiftend - belebend - entspannend

Detoxifying – Stimulating – Relaxing

In common „rear“ garden, which overlooks the Verzasca Valley, there is an infrared sauna and an outdoor shower.

In the classic sauna is first space and air, and then only indirectly heats the body. In an infrared heat system, the vast majority of the energy used directly heats the body. Heating by infrared rays is so effective and works much deeper. The heat generated by the infrared radiation supports the metabolism and promotes detoxification. The relatively low heat is normally harmless for people with circulatory problems, varicose veins, heart problems etc.. For your safety, ask your doctor or their doctors before arrival. A session lasts about 20- 30 minutes. Then please a hot shower to keep the heat energy in the body. The result is not a burden, no need for rest – just comfort and well-being.

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